Pakistan summons US ambassador over Biden’s nuclear remarks

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In response to President Joe Biden’s concerns regarding the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister said, on Saturday that he had summoned the United States Ambassador to Pakistan. This was done in order to discuss the matter.

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden warned Pakistan. That “perhaps one of the most dangerous regimes in the world”. Due to the fact that it “possesses nuclear weapons but lacks any coherence.”

Moreover, as a response to this, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, voiced his amazement. He stated this to the press on Saturday, saying. “As far as the question of the safety and security of Pakistan’s nuclear assets is concerned. We fulfil every — each and every — international standard in conformity with the IAEA.”
A transcript of Vice President Biden’s speech can now be found on the website of the White House on Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

According to Bhutto-Zardari on Pakistan’s nuclear programme, he does not believe that Washington’s reservations about the nuclear programme. As this would hurt relations with his country, and he believes that officials can handle whatever issues Washington may have.

The United States maintains consistent communication with the governing bodies of Pakistan. “As standard policy, we do not comment on the specifics of private diplomatic talks,”. An official from the State Department in Washington said in a statement that was released to Reuters.

Islamabad and Washington, which were once close friends. Recently, begun to improve their relations following a period of coolness. Which was brought on by concerns regarding Pakistan’s potential support for the Taliban in Afghanistan. These allegations are categorically rejected by Pakistan.

During his time in Washington, the foreign minister participated in a number of meetings. One of which was with the State Department. During this discussion, he reported that no one raised any concerns regarding Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

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