Parasailing Point Sealed By the Authorities

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As a result of non-payment of fees by various service providers, including boat riders, the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) has sealed the whole parasailing point at Khanpur Dam.

Khanpur Dam

The Khanpur TMA charges for water sports (local authority). TMA ordered the picnic spot and parasailing service to cease for not paying the municipal fee. Local boat operators and stall proprietors said someone acting as TMA officials charged them and gave them bogus receipts. Instead of taking action against bogus officials, the TMA shut the whole parasailing point, depriving labor to hundreds of people.

In the past, the local operators said that the TMA authorities hounded them and they had to go to court with receipts. Operators in the area claim that the court matter is still ongoing following the TMA’s declaration that the receipts were fakes. Fake TMA officials are allegedly collecting money in the TMA’s name and the TMA isn’t doing anything about it. They enquired as to why TMA had not taken action against these individuals.

Because the property was controlled by the WAPDA and PWD, they claimed that the TMA Khanpur was not permitted to collect fees, including parking costs. They claimed that illicit parking fees and bathing taxes were being collected with the complicity of the TMA and police.

The boat owners claim to have licenses and that the relevant government agencies have all of their paperwork. Despite paying taxes, they said they were still being hounded by TMA authorities. They said that the TMA was putting obstacles in the way of commerce, resulting in the loss of jobs for tens of thousands of people. Tourists from all over the nation flock to the region throughout the summer, according to locals, who report an increase in economic activity.

“We pay taxes to the TMA. Whether or not, the receipts are real or fake, it is none of our business”.

“Those who are involved in this scam should be taken to task and the local administration and the TMA stopped teasing and harassing them”

While President Raja Hanif said that,

“We are fully cooperating with the district administration and the police but for unknown reasons, we are being harassed under one or the other pretext and their employment places are being sealed after imposing heavy fines on us.”

“We are not responsible if someone is indulged illegality under the patronage of someone.”

However, the Khanpur Dam offered millions of tourists with enjoyment each year. There were hundreds of families doing businesses to support oneself. As a result, individuals assert that they have opposed the imposition of unlawful penalties and the shutting down of businesses in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

The Khanpur Dam should be declared a tax-free zone by the district administration. Furthermore, the TMA administration should not harass operators and local businesses. The Khanpur Boating Association and the Tehsil Municipal Officer must work together to settle all valid complaints.

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