Posing for family photo, latest offense committed by Pakistani woman

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A couple of days ago on the internet cricketer (and social media king) Hassan Ali tweeted out two photos featuring him, his wife Samiya Hassan Ali and their daughter on holiday. And yes, their daughter is a major cutie patootie, but my eyes lit up because it’s rare for a Pakistani couple to show any form of intimate connection (such as the sitting near each other as seen in the photos) and Hassan Ali has consistently since he got married celebrated out loud and proud the love he has for his wife.

It’s a nice shot, against the backdrop of crystal water and clear skies in complimentary blue-ish green hues sit the couple and young parents, side by side her arm looped around his in one photo, and her arm resting on her daughter sitting in his lap in the other

Hassan and Samiya sit together looking happy in matching outfits both wearing jeans.

In Pakistan, if there is a combination of factors for a kick-ass post by a Pakistani on social media it would include beloved cricketer (check), adorable baby (check), and appreciation for Pakistan’s beautiful North (check).

In Pakistan, if there are two things present in any given photo that can turn the tides on positive vibes fast it’s first, a woman minding her own damn business and living her own damn life, and second, a woman wearing whatever she wants, but nothing more hated than J E A N S.

Jeans are anti-Pakistan, anti-Family, anti-Mommy, anti-Daddy, anti-Lake even!

A photo of a family of a famous cricketer who routinely interacts with his fans by being so active on social media was inundated with comments (from mostly men) asking Hassan to tell his wife to change her clothes, to not let her “pose” the way she was posing (which was sitting cross-legged), demanding to know if he had the self-respect to allow his wife to look this way, to slut shaming his wife and questioning their morality as a family.

A photo of a woman wearing jeans and sitting cross-legged next to her family made men so damn uncomfortable, that they literally PLEADED, BEGGED, DEMANDED, and THREATENED for HER HUSBAND to take the photo down and not post such photos in the future. I have some thoughts on what bothered these weasels so much.

My first thoughts skew towards this being hatred of their own response to the photo. They found it attractive, they zeroed in on a woman sitting with her family and took is as a tease, something that was tantalizing. A WOMAN SITTING IN A BOAT WITH HER FAMILY.

My next thoughts were about why this bothered men so much that they got angry. cricketers are heroes, standards of masculinity. They are MEN that other MEN look up to and are proud of and dare I say want to be like. So, when a MAN who is a man that is deemed worthy of their respect seems to not only be unbothered by his wife wearing whatever it is she wants but unbothered to the point that he did not shy from sharing photos of them together, the men completely lost it.

“Real” men control their women and hide their women, and Hassan Ali defied that order (and has done so for years) by not letting the critics (salivating nasty men of the internet) get in the way of sharing his love for his wife, seemingly no matter what she wears or how she chooses to present herself.

Either way, it’s disgusting and entitled. The comments though flooded with their frustrated grumbling and entitled nonsense were fought back in kind by people (men and women alike) telling the haters and “moral” police to fuck right on off.

In a country where loving your wife, let alone liking her, let alone admitting you notice her is akin to being damn near anti-state, Hassan’s approach to sharing his love for his family and especially his wife is refreshing and frankly inspiring that perhaps he could be a turning of the tide, encouraging younger generations to not view being kind to your wife as being weak as a man.

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