Product Review: L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo

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Your hair’s best friend, a Sulfate free shampoo!

L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo


BEST FOR: Dry hair, colored or chemically treated hair

USES: Gentle cleanse, hydration

POTENTIAL ALLERGENS: BHT can cause skin irritation and hormone disruption.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Rosemary botanicals

PRICE: 1,800rs

ABOUT THE BRAND: L’Oreal has been a beauty industry leader for decades after delivering its first hair dye in 1909. Since then, the company has made a global impact with 36 newly developed brands, all dedicated to innovative products that aim to provide consumers with a deeper sense of self-confidence.

To the feel, this shampoo is smooth and lightweight. Thin and easy to apply, its composition disperses into the palm of one’s hand.

However, two tiny handfuls instead of one will be necessary if your hair is between shoulder-length and waist-length so that your scalp is thoroughly lathered.

This Shampoo would never feel heavy in the shower, and it rinses out with ease.

The best part is that you’d be surprised it won’t smell anything at all like rosemary or have any herbal aroma to it. However, it still has a nice generic fragrance to it and would never leave  any noticeable weight behind.

It is budget friendly. Yes, you read that correct.

It is a great option at just 1800rs if you do not want to spend money on basic essentials like shampoo, especially if you are investing in color work that may or may not require a lot of care and you are looking to save money elsewhere. 

A good moisturizing or hydrating shampoo does not need to be costly to be effective. While many alternatives on the market tend to fall between 2k and 4k, the Ever Pure leans toward the cheaper end of the range.

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