Product Review: L’Oréal Pure Clay Face Wash

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Skincare is Self-care” 

We talk about self-care so much, but quite commonly we only focus on the spiritual aspect of it or the dietary aspect. The topological aspect is something that needs to be talked more about and that’s what I’m here to do today. 

First things first, a soap does NOT suffice as a face wash. We have talked about this in great detail be sure to be convinced first and read this article to realize why having a good face wash is IMPERATIVE for your facial skin. 

The L’Oréal Pure Clay Face Wash

There are numerous brands out there that have skincare lines. Brands that are affiliated with celebrities like Kylie Skin, and brands that have the backing of dermatologists like Bio derma. But no one wants to empty their pockets and literally rub money on their face.

L’Oréal has been a brand name for quite some time and we are absolutely happy with their line of products, especially face wash. LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES!

Pure-Clay Cleanser

Let’s just get one thing straight for all the people who aren’t ‘skintelectuals’. A cleanser is a face wash which helps rid your face of all the dirt and pollutants and oil excretions it might be carrying when you come from outside. Or if you woke up and have an oily face, then too.

The L’Oréal Pure Clay Cleanser is going to cost you just RS 1200 and will last you at least a month if not more. The amount of product you need is just a size of a pea. 

Using this ‘face wash’ (Saying this clearly so that especially boys don’t get confused), is going to make your face feel fresh. Like the skin has been given room to breathe again.  

Now as you can see, there are three types that they have to offer.

  1. Detox – Brighten 
  2. Purify – Matify 
  3. Exfoliate – Refine

Do you need all three? As our former Prime Minister used to say, ‘Absolutely Not’.

All three cleansers/facewash serve a different purpose. But for daily use, the best one is the simple one, ‘Purify – Mattify’.  

What’s in this facewash, let’s see shall we?  According to L’Oréal: 

‘Pure Clay Purity Face Wash by L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris contains three pure clays, combined with Eucalyptus, in a gel-crème texture for clearer, fresher and mattified skin every day. 3 PURE CLAYS + EUCALYPTUS’ 

Eucalyptus is known for its antibacterial properties and it helps rid the pores of impurities. 

Clay has been used in skin care for thousands of years and works well for acne-prone and congested skin types. 

This face wash is something you must have in your daily routine and you’ll feel fresher, AND happier. Because “Skincare is Self-care”

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