Product Review: Vince Sunblock

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We’ve talked about how important sunblock is. Human beings have always used methods to protect their faces against the sun. Umbrellas and caps and even wet towels in the desert. but since science has evolved and so has medicine, today we have proof that increased exposure to UV rays causes harm to the skin and might in some cases be the primary reason for skin diseases & Cancer.
It’s not compulsory to wear sunblock, but it’s just healthy darling! And we’re all about self-care and health. Remember, skincare is self-care.

Vince Sunblock

Sunblocks are usually very milky and thick in texture. They shield your face from the sun but also hide your skin over a layer of what seems to be a lotion which doesn’t blend but rather comes on top like a mask. We are NOT fans of such sunblocks and only recommend that kind when you’re going to the beach. The Vince Sunblock is a very reasonable price product (Rs1400-Rs1600) which you can find at most drug stores.

Handy bottle

The size of this bottle is the best thing. Sunblocks need to be reapplied during the day if you’re roaming in the sun and having a gaudy-looking shampoo bottled sunblock is just inconvenient. This small thing can fit in the palm of your hand and would easily squeeze into your purse where you also carry your fish.

How does it feel on your face?

The product when applied to your face might feel milky at first, but give it a couple of minutes and when you’re done rubbing it in, it’ll give you a mat finish and you’ll barely feel if theres something on your skin. THAT is the kind of sunblock everyone needs. Just two pumps are more than enough to cover your face and if you need to cover your arms and neck area, just use a couple of more pumps.

SPF rating

Just remember that SPF ratings are used as gimmicks in the skincare industry. The Vince Sunblock comes in different variations of SPF, so don’t go overboard in thinking more SPF is good, and the costlier it would be the better it would be. It doesn’t always work like that.

The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) scale is not linear:

  • SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays
  • SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays
  • SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays

So, one way of looking at this is that SPF 30 sunscreen only gives you 4% more protection than SPF 15 sunscreen. Or:

SPF 15 (93% protection) allows 7 out of 100 photons through

SPF 30 (97% protection) allows 3 out of 100 photons through.

So, while you may not be doubling your level of protection, an SPF 30 will block half the radiation that an SPF 15 would let through to your skin. It’s complicated, but to keep it simple, most dermatologists recommend using an SPF 30 or higher.

What we recommend is Vince Sunblock SPF 40. This would be an IDEAL choice. Happy Summers! 

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