Recent Signs of Climate Change Show That it Will Soon Outpace The Human Ability to Adapt

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You know how they say that “hell has broken loose” to refer to chaos? Well, hell has both literally and metaphorically broken loose on earth right now! Global warming has heated up the surface of earth to the point that forests have started burning and glacial melting intensified.

Call it climate change, global warming, or global climate crisis – it all refers to the same thing; the fact that the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is rising. The earth shows evident signs of climate change in the form of hot summers, droughts, rising ocean temperatures, melting polar ice, increased storm activity, and what not.

polar ice melting is one of the signs of climate change

Ignoring the phenomenon of climate change is plainly absurd because it is a universal thing! It’s not related to a specific region, it impacts the entire world equally and wholly. Continuing to remain unchecked, it will only worsen with animal extinction, biodiversity loss, water shortages and displaced communities.

Especially 2022 only has displayed such major signs of climate change that it should have been the year of reawakening for the global leaders to put an end to the rapid increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and global warming. While the world does face other issues, none of that matters without a healthy planet – hence controlling climate change should be on the top of their global to-do list.

Floods in Pakistan

Starting with the one, we, as Pakistanis are the most affected by – the recent unprecedented floods in the areas on KPK and Sindh in Pakistan. These floods resulted in a destruction that could previously only be imagined!

flash floods in pakistan are one of the signs of climate change

Pakistan is still dealing with the aftermath of these floods, as it is not easy to recover from. Flash floods have also been reported in Florida, US with a prediction of hurricane Ian.

Droughts in Europe, China, and US

The record-breaking heat extremes, dry weather conditions and a persistent lack of rainfall in Europe, China and US is only one of the many signs of climate change. Rivers have shrunk up and crops destroyed as the heat remains to be pervasive and persistent.

droughts in china are one of the recent signs of climate change

Forest Fires at Various Regions

As the temperatures continue to soar, rapid forest fires are becoming quite the norm. Recently, wildfires due to heatwaves have erupted in South California, regions of Spain and India. Not to mention the Amazon fires that keep surging from time to time, even though the world has not yet recovered from the deadly fires in Australia last year.

forest fires in australia

Based on that, it’s safe to say that the world is literally burning! And the worst part is that countries that are not even directly responsible for global warming are having to pay the price for it.

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