Self-Love without Self-Awareness is useless

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F.L.Y: First Love Yourself


Not without Self-Awareness

Self-awareness, it appears, is a necessary first step in developing self-love. Understanding your thoughts, feelings, desires, goals and general self may be gained through introspection. Your self-reflection gives you the tools you need to take care of yourself in a thoughtful and involved manner.

Self-awareness enables you to recognize when you require self-love and when you are actively cultivating it. Without self-awareness, your self-love path may leave you feeling rather lost. Self-awareness may be developed in a variety of ways, including:


Writing in a diary is an excellent approach to increase self-awareness via reflection. Expressive writing in a journal is also beneficial for your overall mental wellbeing.

Taking a walk

Binge-watching Netflix or curating the ideal Instagram photo is not favorable to self-reflection. You must set aside time each day to spend alone with your thoughts. Take a walk to clear your mind and get some fresh air. Nature walks have been shown to reduce anxiety and promote reflection.


Using books and articles, actively seek out knowledge and viewpoints that differ from your own. It enables comparison of one’s own thoughts and emotions to those of another, uncovering the source of one’s own beliefs and enhancing self-awareness.

Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques such as meditating, breathing exercises, and yoga provide opportunities for reflection. Moreover, there are certain products which are specifically formulated for meditation and mindfulness, for instance Timeless Elixir. They encourage you to use your daily skincare regimen as a mini-meditation session.

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