Social Media’s Pitfalls: Toxic Beauty Standards and the Identity Crisis

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Identity Crisis

Young men and women are becoming increasingly insecure as a result of unrealistic beauty ideals propagated on social media, which is doing more damage than good.

Digital technology has opened up a new world, created employment we never imagined, and connected people worldwide.

Consequently, we’ve created a dreadful addiction to check our social media feeds to see what others are up to. Specifically, men and women have struggled with identity issues as a result of the unrealistic beauty standards they witness on social media.

Many people have mental health issues, identity issues, and even confidence issues from trying to meet unrealistic beauty standards. How can we determine what’s real and what’s fake and avoid social media’s pitfalls? 

Toxic Beauty Standards leaves you insecure.

Our phones are the first thing we reach for when we wake up in the morning. We are immersed in another reality from the moment we open our eyes.

Celebrities, influencers, models, and corporations utilize social media to advertise themselves by constructing a flawless image. It’s difficult not to notice the number of well-toned beauties with flat stomachs, plump breasts, incredibly long legs, as well as perky, nicely rounded butts. Thousands of Instagram profiles show perfect-looking men and women.

While we may think we’re just aimlessly scrolling or browsing through this kind of stuff, our subconscious is actually taking it all in, and before we know it, those flawlessly sculpted bodies have become the gold standard by which we judge everything else in life.

There appears to be a flaw in this fabricated universe of ideals. Every day, tens of thousands of well-known celebrities and models post pictures of themselves working out, eating, and doing other things that help shape their physical appearance on social media.  However, the main concern in this industry is that it’s all Fake and toxic.

There are now Instagram accounts that disclose the truth behind those supposedly ‘perfect’ images. While it may appear that accounts like @celebface are trolling others, their ultimate purpose is to serve as a reminder that social media is nothing but a stage for individuals to act out their fantasies. 

If you go through Celeb Face Instagram account, you’ll see that celebrities or the influencers are exactly like us. It also shows before and after photos of celebrities and influencers so that we can understand that some of these “perfect” bodies are artificially created. In general, it serves as a gentle reminder to ease off on ourselves.

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