Swvl discontinued its services due to economic downturn

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Swvl discontinued. People, especially students, who rely on Swvl as a form of everyday transport, are unhappy by the news since the company has decided to temporarily suspend its transportation services.

While public transportation is a necessity in many nations, it is still a work in progress in Pakistan. When Airlift as well as Swvl was introduced, the general people were relieved to hear that they didn’t have to rely on expensive and unclean public transportation anymore.

The famous bus-sharing service Swvl announced on Thursday that it will be suspending daily rides in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, as well as Faisalabad “in light of the global economic downturn” on Friday.

Swvl users aired their frustration on Twitter. This user claims that Swvl is the only service that successfully links all parts of Islamabad; hence the fact that it will no longer be available is a major setback.

Majority of the employees also rely on the bus service since they do not wish to drive to work or they don’t have any transport.  

Airlift, which had its beginnings as a bus-hailing service, ceased operations at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak as well. And now Swvl is coming on board as well

However, it is often considered that Careem/Uber rates are so expensive that it is impossible to use them every day. As a result, people argue that public transit should be inexpensive, yet the best options are already gone due to economic downturn.

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