The city of Islamabad will be sealed a second time

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A six-day ultimatum had been set for the Shehbaz Sharif administration to dissolve provincial legislatures and announce new general elections, or Imran Khan would return to the capital with the “entire nation” if the “imported government” fails to do so.

However, the deadline of six days is drawing to a close. In response to the demand for a lengthy march issued by the current opposition party, the PTI, the government has made the decision once more to block off Islamabad by placing containers along the roadways of the major roads in Islamabad.

The Islamabad police spokesman was reported in a news release as saying that as many as 17,000 security officers will be deployed in the federal capital.


Tear gas, water cannons, as well as prisoner vans would be provided to the security forces. However,  It is the district administration’s responsibility to make the ultimate decision.

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