The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

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In the current age of adult thrillers and family dramas, a book about a healthy and functioning family is certainly a breath of fresh air. In this novel, the main character, Hannah Hall, loses her husband, Owen Michaels, who goes missing the same day that his large company is raided by the police on suspicion of having conducted securities fraud on a large scale. Leaving behind only a large bag of money and a short note, Hannah and her stepdaughter have no idea where Owen has gone.

                While Hannah wants to honor Owen’s wishes to take care of his daughter, she is desperate to find some answer as to where her husband has disappeared to. Over the course of the story, she searches for the truth about Owen while battling the legal troubles brought on by the circumstances of his disappearance as well as taking care of his daughter, Bailey. At the same time, we are given flashbacks that show how these relationships formed in the past while also giving us a dive into Hannah’s psyche and her deep-rooted abandonment issues.

                Rather than being full of exciting moments and dramatic dialogue, this novel is largely character driven which allows for a much deeper exploration of the relationships between Hannah, Owen, Bailey, and the various other characters they encounter throughout the story, such as law enforcement officers, lawyers, and other members of Owen’s company.

                Unlike other novels of a similar nature, The Last Thing He Told Me has a significantly more lighthearted tone. While the premise of the story certainly reeks of drama and heartbreak, the inherent goodness of the characters is able to shine through and improve the situation rather than allow it to spiral out of control. Compared to books like Gone Girl and My Lovely Wife, the characters are depicted in a more realistic and relatable manner, sacrificing exciting storytelling for a rich and detailed experience.

Rating: 7/10

Read Time: 4-5 days

Author: Laura Dave

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