The Problems in Pakistan for Women to Build a Career

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Women in Pakistan face an enormous number of barriers while establishing a career for themselves. It is not the same for them as it is for men. Starting a career as a woman requires additional efforts such as convincing parents, and finding a suitable job nearby as most guardians (father/husband) work outside their city.

Women are supposed to look after their house first and then make a career which is unfair for those who wish to become independent financially and in all other aspects.

Multifunctional female character

Following are the problems women face while establishing a career for them:

  • Marriage:

The vast majority of people in our culture place a high priority on getting their daughters married off at a young age. They don’t think about whether or not they want to pursue a career.

The fact that their parents or guardians expect them to get married as soon as they graduate is therefore the most significant challenge that many newly graduated students and postgraduate students face. Marriage puts a significant barrier between them and their career.

  • Outstation job opportunities:

There are a number of work options available, but they are not all located in the same city. While it is relatively simple for males to relocate to another place in search of employment, women frequently encounter more obstacles along the way.

Such as restrictions placed by one’s family or the fact that one’s husband would not want them to relocate to another place for work or maybe you would encounter one famous dialogue “Akaili kaisay raho gi”?

  • Unsafe work environment

A significant percentage of women are victims of sexual assault and other forms of violence in workspaces. As a result, many working environments are unsafe for women, which creates a barrier for them to advance in their careers. The Boss would make unreasonable requests for favors merely for the sake of promoting employees (mainly women) to higher-level positions.

  • Pregnancy

“The motherhood penalty”

Being a mother can be extremely rewarding in many ways, but it can have unintended consequences for moms who want to pursue a career while raising a family.

Despite the fact that many workplaces provide maternity leaves, these leaves are rarely long enough. Even after those particular leaves, it takes some time for your body to fully recover. Women go through a transition into a new phase of life after the birth of their child, for instance, waking awake all night, managing home, and what not. All these become cherry on the top when establishing a career.

  •  Household responsibilities

Married or Unmarried, women are expected to manage household chores as well as their careers efficiently. However, this becomes a hurdle in developing a successful career. Women are working more than ever, but they still take on most household responsibilities.

A man who is careless and lazy is also a major factor in this situation. Men should be on board with their partners. Many things can be simplified if men act responsibly. Against these stereotypical gender norms, both men and women must rise up and take action.

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