The Queen of England – A Female Leader

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There has been a lot of talk since the demise of the longest reigning monarch in British history. Its only natural that such a successful leader, rather Queen, should gather some form of hate towards him/herself over the course of so many years. 70 years. 70 years she sat on the throne and for 70 years she ruled, till God took away her last breath.

The Becoming of The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne after the death of her father, King George VI, who died of various kinds of lung problems. Lilibet, he called her, because of her inability to pronounce her name ‘Elizabeth’, when she was a toddler. This serves as a gentle reminder, to recall the human aspect of the throne. A human who received the news of her fathers death on a tour of the commonwealth nations. She was in Kenya when she received the long distance call of her fathers demise.

When you’re royalty, and that too of such a high stature, people wouldn’t grieve with you. They’d want you to play the role you were born to play. So, Lilibet, became the Queen of England when she was just 25 years young. Mourning her fathers demise wasn’t a liberty she had now. This mere human had bigger roles to play in life.

When she was asked what would she like to be called, a formal name if you may, she said, ‘My own name, Elizabeth, of course’.

A Female Monarch

Call it what you want, being a female leader is not easy. Women in England got a right to vote in 1918. Yes by the time Elizabeth came to power there was a streak of modernization which had struck England already, but that doesn’t change the fact that Women in power are always questioned.

Yes you could argue that England has had a history of female leaders who have engraved their name in stone. But take Margarette Thatcher for example. She too was a female leader of the same nation, that too in 1979. But she faced fierce opposition from men and women both. People will always feel threatened by a powerful and capable woman, that is a sad fact. I’m sure Queen Victoria would have faced mighty problems in her own court, as did Queen Elizabeth I. People went even as far as calling Queen Elizabeth a trans, since she just didn’t want to marry.

You could be a Queen, and still have to face the aberrant remarks and opinions from everyone. The people wouldn’t spare a bee if they could hurt it with words.

The Days of Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II held her office and had a weekly audience with 14 prime ministers of the United Kingdom, tradition in the British Monarchy. The most prominent of the prime ministers being Sir Winston Churchill. The Prime Minister who lead Britain during the second world war. An accomplished & rightly proud individual who had a lot to show from his life. A close aide to King George VI as both of them worked closely during the war.

As Elizabeth came to power, Churchill would have the honour, to have an audience with this Queen, or it might be the other way around. Though Churchill like many others would look down on Elizabeth, him, because of his experience. But soon he would find her to be the right fit for the position. For she realized, the crown must come first.

Down the lane Elizabeth saw 14 prime ministers come and go, until her own demise. She must have seen history unlike any other; constantly in watch and privy to all that is happening around the world.

Is This Blasphemy?

It seems today, that the accomplishments of one person would be shattered and battered by people who themselves couldn’t achieve anything bigger. Rather might I say nations, instead of people?

Of course I’ll talk about the elephant in the room. I might have boiled quite a few heads already talking so much about the Queen. The fact of the matter is, we find it hard to give credit for accomplishments of people who would have caused harm to our ancestors or our history for that matter. Which is absolutely fine to do so. But we must learn from the systems that were created by people who were as successful as the Queen herself. Pakistan can’t even hold together a single prime minister in office for a full duration, and the ‘women’, ruled the country for 70 years!

People in the Subcontinent & Africa got extremely irritable when the news broke out of her demise. Lets all practice not to speak ill of the dead, they have sown what they did and their actions are for another world now. What we should take away are lessons from such a person. How she managed to engrave her name as a Queen. How she put her duties to the crown first regardless of being a mother and a wife. These things don’t come naturally, rather were imposed on her because of her birthright. What she did, was no easy job to do. After all, being the Head Monarch, is the most lonely position there is, and she did it absolutely fabulously.

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