The Rule Of The Gun

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On the 24th of May, a young boy named Jazlan Faisal fell prey to another incident of gun culture in Pakistan. He and His friends were returning home in their car when they ran into another teenager on his motorbike, performing stunts. As this can be dangerous for everyone on the road, Jazlan told him off. Expecting their interaction to end there, Jazlan drove away. Later in the evening while he stood at a traffic light, multiple men stopped behind his car. Apparently, the teenager who he had scolded earlier came along with his own group of friends and his bruised ego. Both the parties got into a scuffle with the assailants carrying bats and various weapons to beat Jazlan and his friends. Somewhere during the end of the fight, the group opened fire on Jazlan’s car. As a result, Jazlan Faisal Sabir was shot in the head, while Shah Mir Ali sustained was severely wounded. Both the friends were rushed to hospital where Jazlan died during treatment. Shah Mir Ali survived two surgeries and is currently in recovery.

As the news broke out late on the 24th, we all knew that the teenager with the gun will eventually get away with it. However, the call for serious action to be taken soon swept all over social media. People were aware that one of the main assailants, allegedly the one who started it Hasnain Faiz and his three brothers were from a “rich, spoiled and influential” family. Thankfully Hasnain Faiz has been arrested while raids are being carried out to arrest the remaining three suspects. According to the lead investigator, Arab Mahar all suspects were teenagers and didn’t possess licenses for the weapons.

This news really comes at a very appropriate time. As it occurs only a few days after another incident of gun violence. It is about time we have a conversation about the Gun culture and the lack of gun control laws in Pakistan. We need to talk about how in many families guns are treated as fireworks and for many boys, having a gun is a rite of passage. A quick look over the suspect’s social media accounts shows us how he had just spent the hours prior to the incident shooting his pistol out of the window. Similar examples of casual gun use, and glorification can be found all over his and his brother’s social media accounts. This child clearly has extreme anger issues, as he got so triggered after a simple road rage incident, that he went and decided to murder the other party. A child like this is allowed to have dangerous weapons.

Although much of the blame does lie on Pakistan’s archaic gun laws, a large part of the responsibility is also on the parents of these brothers. We need to teach our boys that guns are not toys. They need to be taught to control their anger. These brothers may have had similar role models in their families as well. Hot-headed men who reach for their guns the second their fragile male ego is damaged. We can hope that these boys do not get away with such a heinous crime. We hope that this serves as a reminder to all the rich boys of Pakistan, who drive around in their dad’s car brandishing weapons and wishing to look cool and tough. And lastly, we hope that such incidents do not occur in Pakistan anymore and this is seen as a wake-up call for children, parents and for the Pakistani government.

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