The ultimatum, after the ultimatum

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Democrazy. No, that was not a typo, that was what was intended and it should be renamed as such.

It’s been a while since everyone was glued to their television screens. The last time this happened was back in 2018 when the elections were happening. Who’s going to win, who’s going to lose. Well, now it’s different. The party which won has walked out of the assembly after a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister fell in favor of the opposition. Having lost a majority in the assembly, PTI walked out and were out for revenge. They wanted to go to the public, and have ‘democracy’ decide the matter.

After weeks of relentless efforts by PTI to put pressure on the government to announce a date for elections went in vain, PTI announced the infamous ‘long march’.

In an effort to organize the largest ever political gathering in Islamabad, PTI had hyped this up so much and was very prepared to do so. But then again, so was the government. The government put in all efforts they could to stop the gathering, with obstacles and deployment of riot police which ended up tear gassing the protesters in Islamabad and dispersing the crowd. Though Imran khan reached the venue (which he did very late as he was coming with a huge convoy and faced massive blockades along the way), the result of the long march, was disappointing for many.

As the whole nation watched, and hundreds of people showed up, if not thousands, Imran Khan made a move that was all too familiar to the Pakistani people. A U-turn.

After all this effort, after all the lectures given in such massive gatherings across the nation, it was very unexpected of him to call off the long march, without having gotten anything in return. No election date was promised, no electoral reforms were kept and all the ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ went down the drain. The reason given for calling off the march was to avoid bloodshed. You don’t call a movement a jihad, and then call it off on such things. Not saying that things should’ve continued regardless of the violence which was going on, just that the excuse made was something that should’ve been foreseen by PTI. Regardless, PTI decided to call for a 6 day ultimatum, which seems to be in an endless loop of failed ultimatums.

The pattern on which Khan called off the march, right after coming to Islamabad is similar also to long marches which have happened before in Islamabad as well, in a way that in some of them, the leader of the march got a back agreement of some sorts on which they call of the march.

Was there a back door deal, or was it actually to avoid bloodshed? Who knows, one things for sure, everyone’s again eagerly waiting for these 6 days to end. While the government is adamant in completing its term, PTI seems to be adamant to get what it wants as well. Lets wait and watch how the story unfolds, hopefully in the best interest of Pakistan.

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