Three Unhealthy Habits You Need To Break Immediately

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We all have a lot of unhealthy habits that are detrimental to our health, both in the short and long term. While some are noticeable, others are typically overlooked or go unnoticed.


Drinking water 8 times a day might require a lot of will and mental effort but you gotta have some “Mercy” on your organs. Water is literally gonna solve all your problems.


Yes, we love food because it’s irresistible and eventually the only perfect thing in our lives BUT you shouldn’t be eating late at night.

It causes indigestion, disruption in sleep, and sleeping on a filled stomach makes you put on a lot of weight. Therefore, eat before or within 3 hours of you going to sleep. You often get the urge for munching while binge-watching a show, you can cheat once in a blue moon but you gotta resist those late-night hunger pangs for your own health.


For most of us, either we are stuck to our desks or to our couches being potatoes. Various studies have proven that lack of exercise can lead to multiple health issues. It is important to include some physical activity into your day-to-day routine.

If one can join a gym, well and good, but physical activity can also be 30 mins walk from home, choosing stairs over elevators, sports, or 15 minutes home work-out on your own.

You’d notice that all three habits are affecting our health in one way or another. These habits are most prevalent in our generation leading to all sorts of diseases and health issues. these might appear normal to most people but you need to get rid of them IMMEDIATELY.

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