Top 10 Best Notetaking Apps for iPad (and a Bonus Digital Notetaking Tip!)

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So, you are tired of carrying all those notebooks around, and having to rummage through multiple notebooks to find what you are looking for. Or maybe you want to go eco-friendly and reduce paper waste. Or perhaps you just decided to take on the trend of digital notetaking through notetaking apps on your iPad because everyone is doing it and you want to try it too.

Whatever your reason might be for going paperless, we support you! Digital notetaking is honestly so much better for productivity, saving time and even saving the planet.

But you need to get started somewhere, so to save you the trouble of looking for the best notetaking apps for your iPad, we have here listed our favourite ones:

1. Apple Notes:

Starting with the most basic, default notetaking app for iOS. Apple Notes is perfect if you are a beginner at digital notetaking since it does not have much of a learning curve.

It is simple, free, and provides easy integration to Apple reminders and Apple calendar app. Your data can be synchronized across all your iOS devices if you back it up with iCloud.

Default notetaking app in apple devices

2. Notion

Notion is hands down one of the most popular notetaking apps online, and for good reason too – Notion provides an organizational system that no other app does. Moreover, it can be accessed from different devices; android, iOS, windows, etc.

Notion is one of the best notetaking apps

3. Good Notes 5:

If you are willing to make a one-time investment to find everything you ever wanted in a notetaking app, I suggest you go for Good Notes 5.

This iOS only application provides the best of both handwritten and digital notetaking experience, with its interface that mimics a binder system and the ability to search through the notes, including the ones in your handwriting.

4. Microsoft Onenote:

Microsoft Onenote remains to be the all-time classic when it comes to digital notetaking apps. No app can replace the familiar interface and user experience it provides for free. Its functionality across devices and automated cloud backup always keeps it to be the popular option.

Microsoft Onenote is one of the best notetaking apps for Microsoft users

5. Google Keep:

My personal favourite – Google Keep is the most minimalistic functional digital notetaking app.

It’s user-friendly and has no learning curve at all, plus the design is made to mimic a board with sticky notes, and all notes are always laid out in front of you.

6. Noteful:

Noteful is a basic notetaking app for the iPad and iPhone with a one-time purchase. It is the best notetaking app if you are looking for a cheap option with premium features like audio recording and layers for your page.

7. Evernote:

Evernote entirely replaces the whiteboard system by allowing easy and reliable sharing of notes with a group of people.

It is the best notetaking app for you if you like to work with a team, thereby it is more popular among the working professionals.

8. Nebo:

However, if you want a proper whiteboard like experience, Nebo provides a freeform page, which is ideal for mind mapping or if you just in general like to write without being bounded by space.

 It is arguably the best notetaking app for students because of its inbuilt maths function and the finest handwriting experience.

9. Notability:

Notability takes the Nebo experience to the next level by converting chemical equations as well as solving maths functions.

However, Notability does not provide a free experience, but it does offer a free trial before signing up for subscription.

10. Microsoft Word and Google Docs:

Finally, the old school Microsoft Word and Google Docs – but notetaking apps like these never get old. They are handy, easy to use and the go-to option.

Bonus Tip:

So, these were the best notetaking apps for iPad in our opinion, now for the bonus tip that will take your digital notetaking experience to a whole other level.

If you are the kind of person that loves putting pen to paper, or if you are reluctant to entirely switching to digital notetaking because you like writing things by hand on paper, we understand!

And guess what? We have just the thing that will make the going paperless decision easy for you. What if your iPad screen felt just like paper?

It IS possible! Through a quality screen protector. Our personal favourite is Paperlike screen protector because it feels just like another page in your notebook with the same texture and the same satisfaction of pen gliding smoothly over paper. Investing in a quality screen protector will make the entire experience so much better for you!

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