Top 4 Travel Agencies of Pakistan

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Pakistan is one of the most touristy places and not many people have explored it. We have one of the highest peaks in the world and at the same time, the lowest plateaus as well.

Traveling in Pakistan can be challenging for some people. People might have you believe that Pakistan is not an easy place to travel in as you can’t trust people. But you can choose to travel without a worry with the travel agencies in Pakistan.

These agencies save you time and cost of travel all on your own as you don’t have to worry about itinerary and lodging. Moreover, with these agencies, you can travel to some of the remote places in Pakistan which you can otherwise not access on your own.

Here are top 4 travel agencies in Pakistan

Traverse Pakistan

Traverse is one of the highest rated Tour agencies in Pakistan. With a rating of 4.9, traverse has been the fastest growing travel agency. It was a startup by NUST students and is now an independent company. Most of their tours are of Northern areas of Pakistan and have something planned throughout the year. You can definitely rely on them for your next vacation. You can also contact them for personalized tour.

Baydaar Experiences

Baydaar Experiences is one of the most famous travel agency in Pakistan, based in Islamabad. They offer travel services for both Pakistan and abroad. They have a high rating of 4.9 and some of the influencers of Pakistan have also opted for Baydaar experiences for their travels.

The Real-Time Travels and Tourism Services

The real time travels and tourism services is a Karachi based travel agency. They provide tourism services all over Pakistan as well as international travel.

With a rating of 5, this travel agency will surely live up to your expectations and give you the satisfaction of spending your money.

Exploria Tours

Traveling Pakistan with Exploria will definitely not disappoint. They have conducted tours for a number of places up north and have a rating of 4.6. They are relatively new but are making their mark.

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