Top 5 Apps That Are a Must-Have on Your Phone

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Do you have an app in your phone that you would feel so lost without? We know that you do! Everyone has their own signature apps that are the first ones to get in every time they set up a new device.

For some people it might be more productivity related apps, for some, security is the priority, while some may prefer using an entertainment device as just an entertainment device by downloading Netflix as the first thing.

Whether it be an alarm app that makes you do math problems in the morning to solve your sleeping-in issues, or that be a password-manager that remembers all your passwords for you – some apps are just lifesavers, they solve your major problems and make your life so much easier.

Here are the top 5 apps that we feel like we just can’t live without.

1. Gmail

Of course – it’s 2022, more than half of the conversations happen through emails! Gmail is one of those universal apps that everyone, from university students to company CEOs, can’t live without.

one of our top 5 apps

The simplicity and availability of Gmail to access all your emails is its most appealing feature. Not to mention the easy emailing and quick file transfers!

2. Password Manager

This has saved me more times than I can remember! With a personal and a work email, multiple social media and website accounts, their insistence on keeping a strong password with digits and special characters, and a weak memory to go hand in hand with that – I genuinely can’t fathom what I would do without a password manager.

password manager is one of our top 5 apps

Personally, I use Google Password Manager, which is not much of an app, more like a preinstalled software in Chrome. But I have used LastPass in past, and I recommend it.

3. One Drive

Another app that I credit for all my timely assignment submissions and compliments I get for my organisation skills. Deciding to back up all data on my phone on a cloud app was hands down the best tech decision I have ever made – no exaggeration!

Onedrive definitely makes it into out top 5 apps

I use Microsoft OneDrive, because I just happened to have its subscription, but if you are a Google user, Google Drive works wonders, or basically any cloud storage app! Microsoft OneDrive is one of those apps that I genuinely want to thank – it has happened many a time that I accidentally closed my documents without saving them, those were the time when OneDrive had my back.

4. Google Keep Notes

Now this is the one app that I have very strong feelings for, so obviously it made it into the top 5 apps list. Google Keep Notes or practically any notes app is one of those things in life that you didn’t even know you needed until you have them.

Imagine keeping all your important stuff in one place, from grocery lists to class notes, and that too – organisedly! Digital notetaking apps makes it easier to just dump notes on the go, thereby making it easier to keep track of even your most mundane thoughts.

5. Spotify

Might come as a surprise, but among all streaming apps, Spotify got the most votes for can’t-live-without apps. The always-raging Netflix vs. YouTube battle shows that people have their preferences when it comes to streaming services, audio or video.

However, Spotify, with its latest premium version has unlocked a new level of user-experience, gaining it 433 million active monthly listeners!

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