Top Pakistani Podcasts you need to check

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In Pakistan, podcasts are the hottest new thing. Is there anything we don’t like about it? It’s possible to listen to episodes while you’re doing other things at work or home. Most of what can be found locally is also quite good; there are many interesting, amusing, and enlightening discussions taking place about music, fashion, and other aspects of culture that almost everyone can relate with.

Here are top podcast picks for you that you need to check asap.

Mooroo Podcast

Taimoor Moeen Salahuddin AKA Mooroo is well-known in Pakistan’s blogger community for his work as a content creator and musician. His social media posts are thoughtful, funny, and well-crafted, and he’s bringing that same level of polish to his new podcast, Mooroo Podcast. Mooroo “talks to people,” sometimes in English and sometimes in Urdu. That’s all there is to it. Momina Munir, Amtul and Fahad from Patangeer, and the adventurous Ramish and Daanish from Bros Meet the World have all been on the episodes

Happy Chirp

Humna Raza, a social media influencer and blogger, hosts a podcast called Happy Chirp, which focuses solely on uplifting female perspectives.

A big part of the podcast is the hashtag #WhereWomenDoTheTalking. Inspiring Pakistani women from all walks of life sit down with Humna Raza and talk about their own struggles, how they overcame them, and how they changed as a result. There are some really interesting conversations with women entrepreneurs, academics, bloggers, and single moms that you should listen to if you need a little boost.

The Mosiki Podcast

For Pakistani music fans, the Mosiki Podcast is a must-listen. If you’ve never heard of them before, it’s a great way to learn about some of the world’s most gifted musicians, singers, and composers.

It’s not all about music in the episodes, which feature interviews with both established and up-and-coming artists. It would be a grave injustice if Mosiki’s podcast was limited solely to music, as she regularly hosts guests for a wide range of fascinating discussions on topics such as culture, lifestyle, and the oddities of the music industry. Because the podcast is also associated with an awesome zine, all you creatives who enjoy listening, reading, and writing will find something to enjoy here.

Junaid Akram Podcast

Junaid Akram AKA Ganji-Swag is running a very successful and famous Podcast. His podcast, Junaid Akram Podcast has a variety of topics being discussed. He has different channels in which he addresses various topics of different nature like current affairs, culture, and interviews with you g achievers.

His podcasts are recorded on a very light and feel good mode and has something for everyone. You can also checkout his channels Ask Ganjiswag and Junaid Akram Shorts.

Thought Behind Things

Thought Behind Things is the brain child of Syed Muzammil Hassan Zaidi. He is a famous influencer and Husband of Humna Raza, founder of Happy Chirp. TBT is one of the successfully and fastest growing podcasts of Pakistan, covering topics on Art, Culture and Technology.

His most notable podcast is the one he recorded with former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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