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Located in the coldest parts of Pakistan, just a 25km and 25 minutes drive from Naran is the wonderful and spectacular place called Batakundi. It’s a small town having been made around villages by the tourism industry. It consists mainly of resorts and Dhaba-style restaurants. There are enormous mountains all around where one can camp or even enjoy a nice picnic plus go for a short stroll or hike. The Kunhar river that follows you all the way through Kaghan to Naran to Batakundi and so on is your actual travel guide through your adventures in these parts of the north.

There are even rafting points from this 25 minutes journey linking Naran and Batakundi. A talk with the local guides helped us understand that this extreme sport was discovered just a few years ago and the trainers came from Abbottabad. 

The best place to stay for a couple or a large group of families is the Pine Top Resort. This place is situated right next to a police check post, at the forefront of the town, aside from all the crowd. You get your own cabin where you are given a choice between a two bedroom, bath and kitchen one or a single bedroom and bath one, the latter being for a bigger family and the other for a couple. Plus if you’re nice, you can even get snacks from your next-door neighbors, in our case we got a batch of delicious ripe mangoes from our neighbors farm.

The resort offers food that is prepared there by the manager slash receptionist slash chef. Still, it is best to go to the most visited Dhaba-style restaurant there, the Punjab Tikka house. Every morning and night you’ll find it jam-packed with tourists and locals alike. They offer everything from Desi to English breakfasts to pulao and BBQ. The food is good, with the service being a little slow when fully packed.

The best part about the wonderful city however is what lies above and beyond it. A lot of people don’t know this but right next to the Pine Top Resort is a jeep trail leading to the hidden forest sanctuary known as The Lalazar Forest Resort/Sanctuary. 

This is a beautiful plateau located on the top of a hill station surrounded by forest-covered mountains. There are two Dhabas there that serve refreshments, where you should definitely try their coffee, it’s their own blend of delicious creamy goodness.

For the people who can’t get enough of this place. Guess what? Good news for you! They have built you a whole resort there called The Lalazar Family Resort.

I understand the place is a beauty but the 30 minutes extremely bumpy jeep ride is something that, maybe, is difficult for some, so sit really close to one another to give support and hang on to something because it’s going to be hella rocky.

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