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It’s best to visit Kalam while on the way to Malam Jabba, crossing Swat as the three main attractions are located on the edges of a triangle. There is even a road junctioning these three wondrous cities. This junction goes four ways from Swat to Kalam, Malam Jabba and Gabeen Jabba. We’ve already talked about Swat in the previous blog so let’s dive into Kalam for this one.

Kalam gives Kashmir vibes, for the snow capped mountains surrounding its valleys to the sound of the river floating by on your entire way there to the destinations you visit. 

When I visited Kalam, the first thing was to look for a resort to stay in. The most recommended one was Maria Hotel and Resorts in Kalam Valley, located just outside the city away from the crowd. It’s a great place to stay, a bit on the pricier side but nice for a night or two. The views are similar to the other resorts surrounding it but it has a nice garden for afternoon tea or late night chillings.

Due to shortage of time I could only visit the glorious beauty of Mahodand Lake, location; Usho Swat Valley. On your way there you’ll see the majestic Ushu forest, another camping place.

The beautiful lake that is the start of the Swat River and is surrounded by enormous mountains, huge pine trees and streams of water floating by. There are camping pods, pots and pans available to make your own food and wild horses that the locals have trained to ride. A highly recommended place to visit if you can stomach up the 3 hour extremely bumpy jeep ride. Go at your own risk, they said!

Even though we couldn’t stay long, our jeep guide insisted on our way to the lake that to truly indulge in the beauty of Kalam one needs to spend at least 9 days there as the tourist points are far away by jeep and need a whole day to visit.

So pack for a longer stay to grasp it all. 


Boyun Village

Matiltan Waterfalls

Kandol Lake

Shahi Bagh

Saifullah Lake


Blue Water

One thing to keep in mind is to respect the local culture and adhere to their norms and traditions.

Also as I said in the previous blog, always keep refueling as soon as you see your usual fuel pump.

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