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Spend the next sixty seconds of your life trying to comprehend the Pakistani mindset. Yes, it is that simple to comprehend how a typical Pakistani individual thinks. Unfortunately, we don’t have our own way of thinking; instead, we conform to what the masses believes. Forgetting that the M in Masses might be silent at times, which can result in a path that leads to a dead end. Without any kind of self-awareness on our part, we have a tendency to blindly follow the herd mentality. This nation would learn one word, and then apply it everywhere, in every conversation, just so they can seem “cOoL”.

The word “MISOGYNY” is the finest example of this phenomenon. You did read that correctly; the term used is misogyny. For instance, even if Imran Khan were to say something about Maryam Nawaz, such as how her husband would feel jealous of him because she frequently mentions him in her speeches, how could this possibly be considered a sexist or misogynistic statement? Where did all of our sense of humor go? Where did our capacity for patience go? Can we try to look at the bright side of things? Why do these self-proclaimed feminists have to make things chaotic?

You, on the other hand, can’t think of a single reason to dislike him, so you end up labelling him either an anti-feminist or a misogynist. It’s all part of the strategy to incite hatred toward him, which is the ultimate goal. We are aware of the fact that those who call themselves feminists actively seek out controversial topics in order to manipulate and play the women’s card.

The majority of people in Pakistan have begun to use the word “misogyny” on a regular basis because the herd is using this phrase, and in the end, the Pakistani mentality believes that following the herd is the best way to achieve success. Nobody would bring up the subject of misandry (hatred of males by women). It is never taught or utilized as extensively as misogyny.

We, as a society, have molded our minds to follow the trends; therefore it takes only 60 seconds to understand the mentality of the common Pakistani. We would follow the hype/trend no matter where it came from or what the consequences might be.

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