Unpopular Opinion: Dipping your fries in vanilla ice cream is heaven

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Weird food combination? No man, it’s whole comfort food!

It seems very basic to top your fries with ketchup or any other sauce. Why do not you try something a little different and combine ice cream with your fries? 

This combo is likely to be weird to a good number of the people in our immediate environment. I tried it a few years ago when my friend introduced me to this combo. It is hard for me to convey to you how much I liked this combo when I tried it.

If given the choice, I would pass on the ketchup and accompany my fries with some ice cream instead. Because it’s the combination of a sweet and a salty component that gives it its delicious flavor!

You can’t go wrong with McDonald’s Vanilla Ice-cream to dip your fries in. It has a somewhat thicker texture than a milkshake, but it is not as thick as other ice creams. And why use a spoon when fries can do the job?

This  food hack may provide a challenge to many culinary pioneers, but believe me when I say that it is well worth the try.

There is, however, no way to track the phenomena back to the first person to experience it. But in the end, it makes no difference. The most significant fact is that we now have the combo.

Fries and ice cream together are modern-day munching alchemy. It is one of the finest food combinations, if not the best, apart from the real combos!

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