Unprecedented Silence

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Full of sound. That’s how I’ll describe life. If I come down in a simpler sense, that’s my take on a day. Sound can become the only variable sensation of a moment in time. I imply that sight is constant because of its very nature, we see what we do only when we’re awake. You don’t remember what you saw while you were asleep, you don’t even remember that part of your life. Yes, dreams you see, but those are mere thoughts, not a spectacle of sight.

The day, as it is, starts with the early chirping of the birds to the hustle and bustle of traffic to your office, and then the laughter of friends, or talks at home. Not to mention the constant sound devices that are around us in these times. Put noise pollution from Air conditioners and vehicles aside, those we’ve gotten accustomed to, I’m talking about the device in your hand.

We watch and listen to things throughout the day, and it occupies quite a bunch of it. A thorough study shows that the average screen time of a human with a smartphone is 6 hours. And that’s not wrong, go check your own screen time, mineshowed a variable of 4-6 hours daily use, with it trumping to 9 hours some days on the weekend.

This is a huge figure, this is what we do during a major chunk of the day. We live around sound. So that’s what life is, it’s full of sound.

This isn’t something I’ve thought a lot about. I was recently made aware of it. This is one of those rare loch ness monster sighting moments. For a moment today, I experienced a sound- free period.

The day went by as it goes for everyone, work Hustle in the day, some sleep after, and then a sitting with a friend. My friends left and now I sit there, everything off. My mobile in a rare sight, is on charge while I just sit there, staring at the screen saver on my television. Thanks to the clouds yesterday, the weather is pleasant so I turned the AC off, while the ceiling fan stood still, as it patiently waited to see what would happen next.

Silence. Nothing but white noise. A background sound that seems to be induced, to give meaning to such a still situation, to breathe life(noise) in a situation which is so rare.

This felt new to me, how silence is, how at this point, every variable sensation of mine, was still. My mind had stopped thinking, which is something not comprehendible, even now as I have experienced it. Emotions and thoughts hushed, as every fiber of my being, experiencing silence.

I look towards my shelf, wandering and consuming this singularity. That boat, which I so eagerly had brought to my place from my grandmother’s house. Still, as if the water beneath it has been hushed stagnant. The antique gramophone beside it is quiet as if it has never made the sound of music. The white towering plant of foxglove flowers, stares back at me, blank as I. Both of us simply feeling our existence.

It’s the awareness of existence. Not being supported by any sensation that you’re feeling but being felt because of the absence of it. The palpable existence.

Touch, sight, and sound are the things that bring into understanding the feeling that we’re alive. I can’t quite say much about the absence of others, but sound? Its absence brought me out of the oblivion of my reality.

As turned the tap on to wash my face, there it goes again, I’m back in the real world.

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