What to get your Brown Dad for his Birthday

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Getting your brown dad, a gift has got to be the dilemma of every brown kid. Doesn’t matter what age you are; your father will always tell you they do not want a gift or get mad at you for spending too much money on it. Well we’ve made up a list of things that your dad will not be able to say no to but we can’t guarantee if he will get mad or not.

Here are 10 things you can get for your brown Dad.

  1. Perfume

Every brown dad likes to collect perfumes that he can use on special occasions. Or, there might be a perfume that he uses very often and has run out of it. His birthday is the perfect occasion to get him that perfume.

  1. Socks

If there’s one thing your father can’t say no to is a good pair of socks. There are a number of trendy socks available online and in stores that you can get according to your father’s style or you can easily find some formal socks if your dad doesn’t like funky stuff.

  1. Wallet

We are all well aware of brown dads and their obsession with wallets. If your dad hasn’t changed his wallet for a while, this is the perfect opportunity. You might as well have it customized by engraving his name on it.  

  1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are something that will never go to waste in a brown dad’s closet. He can use them for any formal event or even with his eastern clothing. You can even have them customized for him.

  1. Shoes

Brown dads and shoes is a love story made in heaven. Get your dad a nice pair of shoes that he will make the maximum use of.

  1. Watch

Is it just me or do brown dads take forever to replace their watch? You can still get him a stylish new watch that will make him stand out or get him a budget friendly smart watch.

  1. Phone case with card holding space

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a card holding case for all those cards in your wallet making it chunky? How about when it comes with the phone case? Now imagine how happy your dad will be to have such a thing. Easy to carry and always in his hand.

  1. Clothes

A birthday is the best time to get your dad a nice new shirt or a sweater if it’s winter. Or, a pair of comfortable jeans that he wouldn’t want to change out of.

  1. Sunglasses

Brown dads can never run out of chores even in the scorching heat. Having a pair of classy sunglasses will only make him look dashing while he completes his chores.

  1.  Update his phone

You must have heard about your dad talking about the new phone he has set his eyes on. Well his birthday is the perfect time to surprise him with it. Chances are he might be mad at you for spending so much but it will be worth it.

(PS: you can also use this list to get your father something on Fathers Day)

Lastly, don’t forget to add a little decor for celebration or bake his favorite dessert to make his day more special.

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