When to troll? A guide by Pakistani Twitter

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Pakistani Social Media is often in an uproar over some controversy. Either it is a prominent figure being cancelled or a national celebrity being told. This time Pakistani Actress Minal Khan was being accused of a weird sort of plagiarism. Kylie Jenner had posted a nicely decorated and elaborate fruit tray. Minal Khan screenshotted it and posted it on her story, seemingly trying to pass it off as her own. 

Minal never explicitly claimed that this was her own fruit tray, rather just posted it on her story without an explanation. People were quick to catch this mistake and many memes were made about it, naturally. 

It’s up to the audience to decide if this is good fun or whether some of these are going too far. It is actually surprisingly hard to decide where to draw the line when it comes to internet trolling. Admittedly this is a much lighter affair than other incidences on Pakistani social media. However, we cannot ignore how we love to troll and then regret when these “tweets” turn into real-world consequences. 

As a nation when then collectively outcry for mental health care and become slightly sensitive to the matter for a few weeks. This all changes when another public figure makes a mistake. Ushna Khan was quick to remind the public how we did the same with Aamir Liaqat mere months ago. We wouldn’t say that the comparison is fair, however, this is food for thought.

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