Why are Pakistani Men Like This?

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You may have asked yourself this question above if you are a woman living in Pakistan. This question could have arisen due to many reasons. Did you dare go outside by yourself and get ogled at? Did you have the audacity to use public transport and got harassed? Or did you simply observe a Pakistani man enjoying his freedom in public while being utterly oblivious to those around him? Whatever your reason may be this question haunts many women across the nation. So let’s talk about exactly why Pakistani men behave in such deplorable ways.

Let’s start with some of the less weird, extremely common things we have all seen in public. Something each and every woman has seen a man do and just thought to themselves, why? Yes, that’s right, I am talking about peeing on the side of the road or any place they can find. The call to nature can be sudden and immediate, and we get that. But maybe don’t take it so literally. One of the reasons for this might be that Pakistani men have inherently small bladders, or they just think they can get away with anything. Something tells me it’s the latter reason. For a society obsessed with appearances and piety, we sure do have a lack of laws in place for public indecency. But then again, I guess those rules only apply to women.

Pakistani men also love spitting on roads and public walls. You know it is a problem when the walls have it specifically written on them to deter them from doing so. They love it so much you would think we would have made it a national sport by now.

If you have had the displeasure of using public transport in close proximity to men, you may have noticed their lack of hygiene. Whether casually scratching their balls in public or their extreme body odor, it makes it incredibly uncomfortable to be near them for too long.  Pakistani men have yet to discover the magic of deodorant.  And hey we are all for conserving water, but a shower won’t kill you.

You would also notice how some Pakistani men just refuse to wear underwear. This is especially obvious when they are wearing shalwar kameez. Someone needs to tell Pakistani men that just because you are wearing a long kameez does not mean you do not need to wear underwear. Trust us, no one wants to see what’s under there.

The mind of a Pakistani man is truly a mystery. After years of privilege and power, their minds have been distorted so much that they think that common decency and hygiene rules do not apply to them. Whatever the case, maybe it makes women thank God for the men who take care of their bodies and do not treat any public place like their own personal washroom.

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