Women’s Passion for Sports in Pakistan

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The general notion is that participation in sports may improve both men and women. Sports have the potential to bring people from diverse backgrounds together. It can give us hope and generate world-changing leaders.

Studies show that sports may promote gender equality in every society. Men and women can acquire teamwork, resiliency, and tenacity via sports, which helps reduce domestic violence. In Pakistan, gender gaps in sports are no different from those at home and at work. Many world-class athletes have been born in Pakistan. A new generation of female athletes has just lately begun to get attention.

A club in Islamabad, Pakistan, called POPO FC not only provides free food, accommodation, and education but also treats their boys and girls teams with equality. POPO Football Academy, is investing in skill developing, training with licensed coach, as well as education from top schools in Islamabad in order to push women’s football into the mainstream, where it properly belongs. There no age limits for girl’s football team in POPO FC; it’s an open age team.

POPO FC Girls Team

POPO FC believes that sports/football may boost women’s self-confidence and resilience. However, successful sportswomen do well on the field and in their communities. As sports stars, they may start important debates about gender equality and women’s rights, leading to reforms.

POPO FC Academy Training

POPO FC do not just want to provide women with the chance to play; they also want to provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach, lead, and encourage other women and girls to participate in Football. Despite the increased popularity of the game, women’s football remains a top priority since it provides the game’s most important growth possibility

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