World Rainforest Day

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Rainforests are one of the most previous natural resources of Eath. They host 1 in 10 of every known species in them and its one of, if not the most, biologically diverse and prominent ecosystems on our planet. They take up just a small percentage of the Earth’s surface, but their impact is on the whole planet. This is why Wold Rainforest Day was created and celebrated on the 22nd of June every year. To increase awareness about the preservation of rainforests. 

Interesting Facts About the Rainforest

Before we start talking about how to conserve the rainforests, lets go over quickly about some interesting facts about this complex ecosystem of its own;

  1.  Rainforests used to cover the majority of the world in the past and have existed through millions of years.
  2. They cover 6% of the Earths whole surface
  3. Amazon Rainforest in the largest in the world. It extends over 9 South American countries with most of it being in Brazil.
  4. The first World Rainforest Day was celebrated on 22nd June 2017, by the Rainforest Partnership. 
  5. A size equivalent to the Czech Republic is being destroyed every year according to satellite data.
  6. 17% of the Amazonian rainforest has been destroyed just in the past 50 years.
  7. It was estimated that rainforests will cease to exist in 100 years of time.

Easy Ways To Save The Rainforests

  1. Purchase environmental friendly products

We might not be bothered by this, but we buy alot of non bio degradable products. Just by starting to use a wooden toothbrush, use steel straws, using paper or cotton bags and making an effort to buy an electric vehicle, we can reside our carbon footprint. 

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

Everything we do increases our carbon footprint. As much as using electricity for charging our phones. So making small steps towards energy conservation, using the AC at 26 degrees Celsius, using public transport and using sustainable items can help alot.

  1. Promote Rainforest Sustainability & Ecotourism

One thing that is heard less of is travelling and experiencing these rain forests. Its only on Nat Geo or the discovery channel that we’ve seen these wonders, but travel ogranizations also arrange visits to rainforests and it would be an amazing journey which would help the local population have enough money and increase their economic stability. 

  1. Avoid Foods That Drive Deforestation

You musn’t have known but cattle ranching is the largest driver for deforestation for the Amazon forest. The rising demand of cattle meat has driven businesses to expand and meet the demand with their supply. Other drivers than meat are soy, coffee and cocoa which have caused deforestation in Malaysia, Indonesia & Africa. 

All in all, rainforests are taken for granted and more needs to be done ‘actively’ to preserve them. Rather we need to be making efforts to expanding them and letting them grow. One step at a time, everyone can make a difference no matter how small a step it is, as long as it’s in the right direction.

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